Dingbats – Between the lines

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Between the lines is a challenging game where you solve little word quizzes to guess an idiom or a phrase in the English or French language. This can be quite challenging when you are not a native speaker and doesn’t know a lot of idioms or phrases.


There are 14 levels and more categories available – you even can submit your own puzzle if you have something in mind. By solving puzzles you unlock the more advanced levels. You need to solve 240 expressions to unlock all the available content which serves for many hours of pondering.

Purchase options

With in-game coins you can reveal letters which helps to solve the puzzle. You can earn coins by watching an advertisement video, sharing the app in social networks or buying with real money. In addition you can purchase to remove the in-game advertisement.

Our opinion

We wouldn’t recommend the game for persons who start to learn the English or French language and think that the simple appearence of the game can be in boring at some point. But if you like quizzes and want to master the challenge and don’t give up so fast with a boiling head, you can give it a try! We give three from five stars.

Find Dingbats – Between the lines in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store!

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