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Control your smartphone addiction

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With giving the app the right to see the usage time for other apps you earn the possibility to limit your phone addiction.

The app gives a maybe harsh summary on your phone addiction depending on the time you use your phone daily averaged from the last week. You can set yourself goals and set the mobile phone and the individual apps usage limit. Further, you can activate daily and weekly usage notifications.

Next to graphs, which show your usage time and unlock counts, you will find detailed usage reports for the current day as timeline and individual for every app summarying the usage for the current day and the past week.

The app has the possibility to show an overlay with the time spend already in each app for the current day with a colored background indicating that you already spend more time than you wish our should to spend for the app.

Purchase options

You can remove the apps advertisement with a one time purchase for 3,99€.

Find Your Hour in the Google Play Store

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